Cultural and Inter-Religious Day: in search for the answers on the main Catholicism sacrament.

“Eucharist, The Bread of Life”, a documentary produced by Videologia Comunicacao, is an in-depth record of the evolution of Christianity, beginning with the Holy Supper. It is an invitation to reflect on the sacrifice of Christ in a contemporary context, analyzed through the experiences of the faithful with the Eucharist. The documentary also brings statements of specialists, such as philosophers and theologists, as well as those of representatives of other religions, such as Jews, Protestants and Orthodox Catholics.

The documentary premise is that the mystery of Eucharist is the whole basis for the Christianity fundaments, and that triggers the analysis of people who wholeheartedly live the sacrament or just ecumenically study or admire its spiritual and anthropological aspect. The people interviewed give us hints by means of fragments of their own interpretations on an enthusiastic culture and faith that supports them for more than 2,000 years, but however ancient it brings in its “DNA” an extremely modern proposal based on love and respect for others.

The documentary relies on more than 120 hours of material collected in two of the main Catholic countries of the world: Brazil and Italy. All this effort was celebrated in a 40-minute documentary program which is worth watching. There are subtitles in Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Spanish and English.